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Srimad Anantheshwar Temple, Manjeshwar

The Temple Location:

Traditionally renowned as "Manjula Kshetra" and "The temple of 18 towns", Shrimath Anantheshwara Temple is Situated in Manjeshwar, a small town of Kasaragod district in Northern Kerala. A Comfortable journey of about 25 Kms south wards from the port city of Mangalore either by Rail or Road brings you to this divine place.

Temple of Shri Ugra Narasimha, Sri Bhadra Narasimha, Shri Subramanya, Shree Naga / Naaga, Sri Anantheshwar, / Anantheshwara , Shri Madanantheshwar / Madanantheshwara belonging to Gowda or Gaud Saraswat Brahmins / GSB community at Manjeshwar. This is one of the oldest and famous Temples of Konkani , Konkanis

Srimad Anantheshwar Temple, Manjeshwar, India